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  • O and O Technical Company Limited has full capability to maintain, install and repair mechanical or auxiliary equipment in addition, fabricated equipment and component can be built to our client’s specification. All jobs performed by certified welders / electrical supervisors to ensure high quality control program. By continuously updating our Quality and Safety Procures and utilizing modern equipment, O and O Technical Company Limited shall meet all standards (codes) required for construction, installation, maintenance and erections works of various forms/ categories.

  • O and O Technical Company Limited Structural and Electrical Engineering capabilities have been applied extensively over the past 25 years with commendable results. These include feasibility studies, designing, construction and fabrication, installation and maintenance works in the following areas:

    1. Electrical Construction
    2. Corrosion control
    • Electrical wiring
    1. Maintenance works
    2. Installation of steel structures and masts
  • O & O Technical Company Limited is involved in the following aspect of corrosion control activities:

    • Blasting of corrosion structures/facilities
    • Painting of flow station structures and facilities using Epoxy
    • Paints / other Corrosion control paints
    • Design and installation of Cathodic Protection Devices
    • Pipleline Clearing (Pigging)
    • Corrosion Monitoring services
  • O & O Technical Company Limited designs cathodic protection corrosion control systems according to individual client requirement and in accordance with provincial and energy utility board guidelines.

    Cathodic protection systems are desgined to have a life up to 7 years and to accommodate future structure expanision by 30%. Additional requirements may be dicatated by the client. Cathodic protection system can be designed and implemented to protect most types of metallic structures in a soil or liquid environment. Examples are:

    • Oil / Gas well casings
    • Buried Utility pipelines
    • Underground tanks
    • Upright Tank bottoms
    • Pump Impellers
    • Heat exchange
    • Oil and Gas well flowlines
    • Underwater utilities
    • Offshore rigs
    • Semi-submerged platforms
    • Pilings, docks
    • Ship hulls
    • Installation of Masts for Date/Telecomms and Electrical transmission systems
    • Erection of support of central A/C systems
    • Engineering standard products and applications testing and commissioning.

    In order to assist our clients comply with the law which requires the users and owners of structures to have their structures inspected to ensure continued safety and also to ensure that adequate and up to standard tower maintenance was carried out we perform tower

  • O & O  Technical Company limited has full capability to build, construct, install and maintain any building, roads, bridges, etc. Our services cover the following:

    • Development of sites and Access roads
    • Roads, Drainage, manholes and bridges construction
    • Building renovation and refurbishment
    • Civil and building works implementation
    • Civil works for ground cabling

    We are able to carry out all types of building and construction works on civil objects of any construction complexity. For 30 years already, the company has been mainly involved in construction of custom-built objects of one and multi-stories residential buildings.

  • Here,  O and O Technical Company Limited services include:

    • Oil Filed Power Transformers
    • Construction sub-stations
    • Interpretation of engineering designs
    • Installation and maintenance of process control & electrical equipment i.e. generators, instrument cablings and battery systems, etc
    • Industrial and document cabling and tubing projects
    • High tension power routes
    • Rural electrification projects
    • Installation of earthing and lighting protection systems
  • The main areas covered by O & O Technical Company Limited operations are as follows:

    • Industrial / Domestic Waste Monitoring
    • Pollution Control and compliance monitoring
    • Environmental impact assessments
    • Ecological sensitive assessment and management
    • Rehabilitation of negatively impacted sites
    • Providing environmental information for sustainable development

    O & O Technical Company Limited has many creative solutions for cleaning a variety of challenging solutions. Trained professionals evaluate and execute customized work plants to provide our customers a clean working environment.

  • Increasingly, companies are on the lookout for hybrid personnel who have good technical / business knowledge and effective managerial skills. We search for and groom these personnel for company use.

    Our services here include:

    • Recruitment pf requisite personnel (i.e. engineers, technicians, welders, etc,) to fit our operational need
    • Skills audit to identify skill gaps and lapses
    • Career development to help organizations plan the career path for their staff and offer the necessary training, development and exposure.
    • Organizational arrangement / structuring for maximum productivity, profitability and effectiveness
  • The company can procure and supply the following product groups:

    • Supply of transformers
    • Supply of generators
    • Supply of armored cable
    • supply of aluminum conductor
    • General tools,
    • Hand / Power / Air Tools Kits:
    • Bearings / bushes / Seal Belts / Pulleys / Couplings:
    • Drilling Machines / Drill Bits;
    • etc
  • O & O Technical Company Limited assumes the level of contracting responsibility that our client requires at all times. The “supplier” role facilitates that highest level of responsibility where O & O Technical is held responsible for the overall project from assessment of user need to final completion providing ultimate contracting comfort for the client. 

  • Cast Concrete Poles

    Spun Concrete Poles 

    O & O concrete poles have many advantages because they are:

    1. Aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly
    2. Resistant to termites
    • Standard in dimension

    1. Strong, durable and smooth
    2. Weight of poles discourages theft
    3. Poles will not corrode or rot
    • Capable of an extra-long service life from the high density cast concrete and the reinforcing cage
    • Non-absorbent
  • O & O Concrete Industries Limited is known for the production of long life, zero maintenance street light poles. These poles are available in a wide range of height, load capabilities and fitting requirements. Our pole for street lighting are manufactured from high quality durable concrete and is open to specification built by special orders for lighting park and public centre lighting and much more.

  • As the world transforms, we at O & O Concrete Industries Limited, transform with it and this is why we have researched and developed concrete poles for use in electrical power transmission and distribution. We now provide cast concrete poles to the electrical distribution market.

  • Electrification in Nigeria needs to be done on a cost effective and productive basis, so our O & O Concrete poles have become a standard for this purpose with a whole lot of advantages over the traditional wooden poles.


    1. The concrete pole is resistant to vandalism and fire
    2. Durable
    3. An optimized design enabling the use of standardized fittings and aids productivity of installation.
  • We don’t just stop at the production of concrete works and poles, we also ensure that what we have produced are above standard and meet every specification. We do our testing procedure by:

    1. Inspection
    2. Test frequency
    • Dimension checks
    1. Straight test
    2. Curing
    3. Proof load test
    • Cover to reinforcing checks
    • Ultimate load test
  • Normal cast concrete poles are supposed to be transported with the narrow face of the pole upwards. It is our duty to ensure that our poles are transported properly to any location. Care must be taken when handling, transporting and storing concrete poles to avoid stressing them and causing surface damage. At O & O Concrete Industries Limited caution is our watch word.

  • O & O Concrete Industries Limited is well equipped for the installation and planting of our concrete poles. Our poles carry a mark which indicates the portion of the poles that goes into the ground in accordance with our standard practice.

    We have a team of experts who over time have exhibited excellence in their work and our clients’ satisfaction has been guaranteed.